MAUSS : wireless mouse app to control your pc/mac remotely.

MAUSS : a wireless mouse app to control your pc/mac remotely.It mimics the traditional physical mouse.When you physicially move your remote mouse,the cursor moves.It also supports touch gestures via Mobile device touch screen.It works with Bluetooth v4.0 (Low Energy) at 50Hz.All data is sent with low latency (or low lag).

SYNCHRONIZATON: SYNC is done automatically,when you open your app for the first time it looks for a mac(with server software running) that has not synced with any Mauss before and registers itself. Note also that in the same room at the same time you can only synchronize/register one MAC/iPhone pair.

USAGE: After the SYNC, ‚Äčthe app will get blank screen,and brightness will be turned off to make its usage less distractive and more battery saver. You can then use your iphone as mobile physical mouse.You can also send touch gestures to MAC,like click,drag,2-finger click to open menu,2-finger scroll,etc.

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